MAS SHIPPING LIMITED is a young company dedicated to international business, specifically in relation to cargo transport by river or maritime navigation. Our head offices are settled at Puerto General San Martin city, between San Lorenzo and Timbues, Santa Fe province, Argentina.
As this is well known as the most important port in the country, our branches are strategically located with the objective of bringing our customers and the various actors of the outer business a wide development of administrative management, faced with the Customs Authorities, Coast Guard Authorities, Immigration Authorities, among others, for the profit of Owners, Charterers and/or ship and barge operators, from San Pedro Port to Barranqueras Argentina Port.

Our history

Our Director started his activities in river and sea at the year of 1973 then Maritime Agency Katejis & Co., for a period of 3 years, making attention to the signature of ships Esso SAPA and efforts of several sub-agents, then the work was interrupted by compulsory military service, he had to meet the Argentine Navy Force - Belgrano Port Terminal for a period of 2 years.

In November 1975 he joined the staff of Maritime Agency Christophersen & Co. in operational management of ocean vessels and river related companies such as ASTRA CAPSA, ESSO SAPA, CONAPA SA, Takis CONTOGIORGIS, M. BARZACOS LTDA., PLATACHART SA, Vitalis MILANOWSKI SA TAGSA SA, STOLT ARGENTINA SA, SOVFRACHT, Moscow, among others, always acting in the role of operations, until arriving in 1982 to assume the management of the company branch in San Lorenzo Port, with an average of care and management of maritime about 240 vessels per year, with loading and / or discharge of bulk grain, corn, sorghum, soybeans, wheat, sugar, vegetable oils, crude oils, fuel oil , always in relation to exports and / or importers of goods such as Messrs Cargill S.A.C.I. , Nidera Argentina S.A., Bunge & Born S.A, Repsol-YPF S.A, Esso S.A.P.A, Ex-JNG, La Plata Cereal S.A., INDO S.A., ACA C.L., VICENTIN S.A.,Duperial S.A.C.I., Sulfacid S.A.C.I., Minera Aguilar S.A., Ingenio Ledesma S.A., Ingenio Concepcion S.A. PASA Petroquímica Argentina S.A., Dow Argentina S.A., Resinfor S.A., Molinos Rio de la Plata S.A.

At 1984, the Company creates MOORING / UNMOORING VESSELS SERVICES Boats (Official Coastguard Register 043-S) at which continuous and has been doing work in the ports elevators and / or shipping terminals in Up-River Ports Ramallo San Nicolas - Rosario - San Lorenzo and Timbues .

This company has boats for passenger service and / or Coast Guard Authorities, Customs Authorities, Immigration Authorities, SENASA Enviroment Inspectors, Surveyors such as private SGS Argentina SA, Inspectorate S.A., Control International S.A.,Bureu Veritas S.A., etc. from and/or to shore / Roads also performed a docking and undocking of vessels that are under direct or indirect general agents and / or owners and / or/ charter , these tasks continue this through all these years, within the rules current officers to what was recently added the organic waste collection services commensurate Resolution Nr.895 /2002 of SENASA

( Environment Dept.), all vessels that are needed to lower them for final disposal plant, in whole in accordance with the IMO rules, customs and Argentina Secretary of Environment of the Republic Argentina.

Mr. Segovia is Managing Partner of the firm and Maritime Industrial Services Co., which has developed two main points include:
1) Waste Treatment Plant Sunflower – Resolution Nr.895/2 – into Industrial Zone Puerto San Martin residues down vessels and / or trailers that come from the waterway, the M/V Rocio Capacity of 17 tons in containers of 1 m3, to Senasa until , and then sealed in a truck that has closed it until the Sunflower plant, where they are received and treated by Autoclave / Gonella Boilers in a process of heat over 140º for final disposition in the cellar with geo-membrane to the effect and under the control of Senasa and Official Environment Secretary.
2) Berth of Barges in Km 458/459, 5 - Bravo Station– Sunflower - c / 7 buoy moorings for convoys down and / or upload the Hidrovía Paraná - Paraguay, which has a total capacity for 72 barges in row 4 x 12 7 bouys / buoys for the purpose authorized and controlled by the Argentine National Coastguard and Official Waterways Ministery.

In December 1990, establishing a Corporation under the name Maritime BRISTOL LTD. (Coastguard Register Nr. 2139), which develops activities since then to date, in response to vessels and / or foreign companies such as NAVEMAR S.R.L. - Asuncion Paraguay , NAVIERA CHACO S.A., Co. PARAGUAY MARITIMA S.A., A. MITRANO LTD. Montevideo Uruguay, EMPREMAR S.A. Santiago - Chile, Graneles de Chile S.A., SOPRODI S.A., CEREAL MACOB S.A. - Valencia - Spain, SICA SILOS S.A. - France, Topsail Chartering & Trading Co., PETROTANK S.A.C.I., FLUVIALMAR S.A.C.I., FLUVIOMAR S.A.C.I., OPERADORES MARITIMOS S.A., CORBER TRADE S.A., UABL. S.A.C.I. etc, through the signing of an agreement the company is divided commercially, to function independently, which provides training and went to "MAS SHIPPING LIMITED", from March 21st, 2009, remaining in their owner building Street 9 de Julio 535 - CP-2202 Puerto Gral. San Martín Pcia. Santa Fe, Argentina is currently the Head Office of the Company, consisting of a qualified and young staff who can check on our "FULL STYLE “.